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We have collected some questions frequently asked by other exhibitors during last years. Let's make the best use of Vakantiebeurs together.

What kind of Stands are there at the Vakantiebeurs?

We offer 3 options: https://vakantiebeurs-amsterdam.webflow.io/nl/vakvisitor

Type 1 classic Market stall of 300 cm * 250 cm
If you wish, you can remove the boards and roll up the tarpaulin from the roof, but the frame may NOT be removed for safety reasons.

Type 2 freestanding scaffolding wooden tables in different sizes
You can place a screen with posters or Pop Up behind the table

Type 3 Pavilion of a certain number of square meters: you are completely free to arrange this as you see fit.

Is this fair B2C or B2B ?

The Vakantiebeurs is primarily a B2C event for which we approach High Quality customers. But on Saturday from 17:00 – 19:00 we organize a B2B meeting for Tour Operators and Agents in the Administration Room on the first floor. You can contact us in advance for special requests and appointments.

How many visitors come to the fair?

This is the eleventh year that we organize the fair and in Amsterdam we welcome a maximum of 10,000 visitors over 2 days. Our target group are highly educated visitors who have money to spend for a special trip.

Which languages are spoken at the fair?

All visitors and participants to the fair are fluent in English and Dutch.

What is special about the Vakantiebeurs for special trips?

The offer of the participants of this fair meets the following three characteristics:

- off the beaten track
- tailored made
- no mass tourism.

Are there participants from Asia and Africa at the fair?

Yes, we have many participants from Asia and Africa offering top destinations. But other destinations are also very welcome at the fair.

Is the Vakantiebeurs for special trips at one or two locations in the Netherlands?

The Vakantiebeurs takes place in Amsterdam, for which we approach visitors from West and Central Netherlands. And two weeks later in Rotterdam, a dynamic university city near the border with Belgium, for which we approach visitors from the north and south. We advise you to participate in both fairs and have a special discount offer.

Do I need a VISA to participate in the fair in Amsterdam?

The Netherlands is part of the European Schengen zone, for which you must apply for a Short Stay Schengen VISA. We assist you with the VISA application by means of an updated Outline and a VISA Invitation Letter.

We advise you to combine several Fairs when visiting Europe and to mention this in the VISA application, this offers a better chance of success. For example, combine participation in Amsterdam with the Spanish International Tourism Trade Fair FITUR in Madrid https://www.esmadrid.com/en/whats-on/fitur-feria-de-madrid.

Is hotel accommodation available for exhibition participants?

There is a wide range of accommodation available in Amsterdam, we advise you to consult Booking.com

Can I have a catalog or prints delivered?

Yes, you can have catalogs and prints delivered to the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam.

Is there a Handbook in which all practical matters are explained?

Yes, a month before the start of the exhibition, we will send a Handbook with all practical information and explanations.


Participants in the fair are listed for FREE in the COUNTRY INDICATOR on the website that has more than 180,000 views per year https://www.vakantiebeursamsterdam.nl/countryguide

But, it is also possible to participate in the special online marketing with your offer or tour without a physical presence during the fair in Amsterdam or Rotterdam by slots in the 5 * COMPASS TAILOR MADE TOURS!

Until July 1, 2023 the price for 1 slot is Euro 300 or Euro 500 for 2 slots
After July 1, the price is Euro 450 for 1 slot or Euro 750 for 2 slots.

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